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q  u  a  t  t  r  o    "rush" specification

  • 20 mm thickness 64 layers “carbon fiber” frame with four magnetic levitation eight and pre-charge adjustable feet

  • Stainless steel magnetic levitation bearing with bronze-cheniflon treatment insert.

  • Four brass rhodium covered turret for tonearm base fixing.

  • Avional aluminium 37mm thickness 4,5 kg weight platter.

  • Patent pending disc clamp.

  • One 20 mm thickness Avional aluminium tonearm base

  • Ebm-Papst digital controlled DC power drive

  • Two solid Avional aluminium chassis

  • Alphanumeric OLED display

  • Three selectable speed digitally controlled

  • Feedback speed control from High Torque motor unit

  • Motor unit frame with four leveling adjustables stainless steel spikes

  • Supplied with one tonearm base and WITHOUT tonearm

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